Tree for Harmony

Tree For Harmony

Tree for Harmony is an initiative of Mission Bhartiyam, an India-based Registered group of students and young professionals working in the fields of Peace and Harmony, Human Rights and Environment.

Tree for Harmony propose to seek a harmony between humans and the environment. We cannot survive without the environment yet we see that a great negligence and harm defines our relation with the environment. The climate change and effects of global warming have as warning signs stirred some awareness, action but the action is still not enough. Tree for Harmony seeks to aware, educate and inspire individuals to understand that for their own survival, they need to be in harmony with the environment.

Since its launch in 2012, Tree for Harmony has been spreading awareness about climate change, global warming, our role in it and inspiring them to take action. This has been done through tree plantation drive, painting competitions, awareness campaigns in schools and colleges, public demonstrations and celebration of the “Tree for Harmony” week (16th Sept – 21st Sept). Tree for Harmony has collaborators in 6 countries – Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Sudan.