Our Initiatives

Mission Bhartiyam works primilarily in the fields of Peace and Harmony, Human Rights and Democracy and Environment. There are some regular and unique initiatives that have been initiated by Mission Bhartiyam.

  1. Aaghaz-e-Dosti – Aaghaz-e-Dosti (lit. Beginning of Friendship) is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative involved in citizen diplomacy through peace education in India and Pakistan. Mission Bhartiyam initiated this project in 2012 and today it runs this project jointly with The Catalyst of Peace (Pakistan)
  2. Sadbhavna Dal – Sadbhavna Dal (lit. Peace and Harmony Delegation) is an all-religion, peace delegation sent to riot-affected and communally sensitive areas in India
  3. Sadbhavna Diwali, Sadbhava Holi, Sadbhavna Eid – Mission Bhartiyam encourages celebration of festivals with people of different faiths.
  4. Tree For Harmony – Tree for Harmony is a unique initiative that combines both the aims of saving environment and peace. Tree for Harmony is observed between 16 September (World Ozone Day) and 21 September (World Peace Day) in schools and colleges wherein tree plantation and a discussion or a creative program is conducted to spread the word for saving environment or/and peace.