Peace and Harmony

In the field of Peace and Harmony, we work for peace building and communal harmony by organizing discussions, human chains, public demonstrations, peace rallies and through peace education activities.

We organize festival celebrations which are open to followers of all religions. We also send delegations to riot-hit or communally sensitive areas called Sadbhavna Dal (lit. Peace Delegations). We have tried to contribute to peace and harmony beyond the Indian boundaries, in South Asia.

Under our “Bharat Nepal Paraspar Samvad”, we attempt to strengthen ties between India and Nepal. We have “Aaghaz-e-Dosti” to develop bonds of trust and friendship between India and Pakistan.

Every year, we also observe “Tree for harmony”, wherein we plants “harmony trees”. We believe that trees symbolize brotherhood and prosperity and resist discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, class and nationality. Thus, this unique initiative combines both environment and peace and harmony. Tree Plantation is accompanied by a discussion, creative activity on peace, a specific issue of peace or/and environment. Tree for Harmony is observed as a week – 16 September (World Ozone Day) to 21 September (World Peace Day) and is organized in schools and colleges across and even beyond South Asia.